About Medfyle

What is Medfyle®

Medfyle® is an innovative educational tool for physicians and Health Care Professionals that distills cutting-edge science from the key journals, medical conferences and other educational resources into a simple and user-friendly format, based on the concept of microlearning.

Medfyle® offers concise, easy to understand summarized information on key research and developments in specific clinical areas. This information is hand-picked by the Medfyle Editors, in collaboration with the original sources (journals, societies and publishers), from articles recently published in the main medical literature, or presented during the latest international conferences.

Medfyle® is a privileged method to provide simple, fast, accurate and reliable at-a-glance summaries of the most recent medical information, designed to deliver key content in a manner that best suits the busy schedules of the healthcare professionals who need it the most. Expert insights are also provided to further enhance and solidify the learner‚ understanding of the topic discussed.

Medfyle® and microlearning

Medfyle is based on the principle of microlearning, the scientifically-proven concept designed for skill-based learning that confirms that individuals can focus at a high level for short bursts of time.

Studies have shown that this approach to information delivery promotes high retention rates and learner confidence, as a result of increased attention to the information during a short timeframe.

How to access

There are two ways of accessing Medfyle®: through this dedicated app, available as a free download for both Android and iOS.

Once installed, the app takes you to a registration screen, where you can then choose your areas of interest and thus personalize learning experience.

If you prefer a desktop solution, visit www.medfyle.com to access all Medfyle content. Notifications will be sent directly to your email address.

Funding and sponsorship opportunities

If you would like to learn more about the funding and sponsorship opportunities Medfyle has to offer, please contact sales team.